Brereton Law Office

An experienced business person knows that consultation with an attorney is a necessary first step in any serious business transactions.

Before entering into any transaction involving the rights or ownership in a business, or one involving the assumption of a financial obligation, it is strongly recommended that you consult an experienced attorney to review the transaction documents, clarify your rights, remedies and responsibilities, and to ensure that the terms of the contract accurately reflect your expectations.

The Brereton Law Office has reviewed and drafted hundreds contracts and other documents for business transactions, business buy-outs, licensing agreements, distributions agreements, profit sharing, insurance contracts, and other transactions. We advise clients on contract negotiation, remedies, options, commercial transactions, commercial leases, and insurance claims related to businesses and real property.

Experience confirms that the time to retain an attorney is before you enter into a serious financial transaction. If you are considering such a transaction and require experienced legal advice to have all of the documents drafted with your rights and interests protected, please contact the Brereton Law Office to schedule an appointment with an experienced business attorney.