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The time to plan for the protection of your assets is while you still have them, and before you are sued. A civil lawsuit, business failure, or even catastrophic medical bills can lead to the loss of all of your property and assets that have been accumulated through your hard work. Asset protection management and planning can help ensure that you and your family are protected, and that your home, business, and other assets are properly positioned to withstand unforeseen crises lurking beyond the horizon.

In many situations, proper asset management planning involves as little as the proper choice of business entity or the proper form of title on real property. In other situations, more complex business or tax planning structures can provide asset protection in addition to finance, probate, and structured giving.

Anyone who has managed to accumulate sufficient assets to warrant protection should take the time to consult an experienced attorney about how to best position assets in light of the potential for future lawsuits or other calamity. Having made the effort to earn your wealth, now take the last step and protect it from loss. Don't let overzealous lawyers or debt collectors ruin your retirement. Plan now, and be at ease about your security

If you want to plan and manage your assets with a view toward protection and preservation, contact The Brereton Law Office.