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The purchase, sale, and ownership of California real estate usually involves large sums of money and the potential for large profits or losses. With prices in the six- and seven-figure range, the purchase or sale of real property is often the biggest financial transaction an average person makes in his or her lifetime.

Before entering into a serious financial obligation, or any transaction involving the rights in real property, we recommend consulting an experienced attorney to review the transaction documents, and to clarify your rights, remedies, and responsibilities.

The Brereton Law Office has reviewed and drafted many hundreds of contracts and other documents for real estate transactions, easements, co-ownerships, and real estate business entities. We advise clients on contract negotiation, mortgages, deeds of trust, Truth in Lending law, purchase and sale agreements, commercial transactions, commercial leases, and insurance claims related to real property.

Please contact The Brereton Law Office to schedule an initial consultation and analysis of your real estate related dispute or transactions.